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this coming week is super duper extreme hell week… basically tests for every subject and two projects due… i feel like i owe you guys a lot of artwork so here enjoy a neglected sketch.  also i’m basically too lazy to scan anything at the moment.
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i uploaded this yesterday but then my queue got all messes up posted a lot of the things to the wrong blogs so i just took everything down blegh

but yes expect more traditional stuff! 
also aps are soon and i have an 89.5 in bio kill me now
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i had to draw them bc they are so cute!!!! and yes apparently agatha has a birthmark the shape of mexico on her right cheek. 
anyway i strongly urge all to watch the grand budapest hotel! imo it’s better than moonrise kingdom! 
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colors keys inspired by grapes of wrath
and by inspired i mean based off of steinbeck’s beautiful descriptions but not 100% faithful bc i didn’t have the patience to draw 10+ people on a truck 
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whew finally drew something legit on my tablet! it’s been a while since i spent over a month on that animation (i procrastinated a ton tho)
i really like this but my judgment might be skewed since i finished at four in the morning 

i haven’t been posting quality work bc my grades are disastrous but i fixed this thing up a little bit recently 
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